Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Birthday Fun!!

Ok, here is how I spent my birthday so we woke up and hit the stores by 4:30am, we took our posts Angie and I were in toys, Jamie was in electronics, Natalie was in charge of sheets and I have no idea where Robin and Carri were but I am sure they were at their assigned spot then we waited for 5am to come. People were making plans for what they were grabbing and making deals with people on the other side. A couple of times people tried to start a little early but the workers stopped it. Finally it was time my heart was pumping and I was ready it got really quiet and then boom everyone started grabbing. IT WAS GREAT!! I loved it, the pushing the shoving the crashing into carts. TOTALLY WORTH IT! Then we went to Target, there the lines were wrapped around the entire store we grabbed our stuff and made our way to the line, some people waiting over an hour that is just crazy, will we wait in that line? Well I wont mention any names but someone I was with decided to just move in line (most of you probably know who that is). No one even saw her, I was sure a brawl was going to start so I pretended to check out movies and not to know her until I was sure she was safe and no one was going to take her out then I pulled the old "Oh there you are" and moved in line. So pretty much we waited about 5 minutes in line. Sorry to everyone else who had to wait. Then off to the mall and then out to breakfast, krumpets, old navy and then hit the craft show. It was a great birthday it was fun to spend the entire day with my family and friends. Angie and Natalie.... thanks for splitting the cost of the .88 peppermint sticks for my birthday you guys went way out.. (Natalie says you still haven't paid your .44) But thanks to everyone who got up early with me. I love you all..

Saturday, November 1, 2008