Saturday, February 27, 2010

Avree's cooking Birthday Party!!

Pizza Anyone?
Today was Avrees Birthday Party..... Avree didn't want to leave anyone out so you guessed it 24 invitations went out. I thought not everyone will show up right? Right! 19 did.. What was I thinking?
We started out by making our chef hats and decorating our aprons. Then the pizza making began. We had dough, cheese, mini pepperonis, ham, olives and pineapple. I was suprised at how much pineapple and olives they used. Usually its just cheese. Only one girl said she didn't like pizza. What kid doesn't like pizza....
The kids had a blast. Ryan ended up working so thank goodness my mom and sister and niece Rylee were there to help me or I wouldn't have been able to do a thing.
The kids were so proud of themselves and loved eating them. After pizza we cleared the table and decorated cupcakes..
The kids were so cute while they decorated their cupcakes they were so careful. I didn't even have a big mess to clean up which was nice, they ate everything in site.

Avree had a great party, she loved all her presents and was so happy that most of her friends made it. Of course next year I am thinking a small family party will be fine. I am pooped!