Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthdays, Halloween and a Missing Tooth!!

I have missed tons lately so I am just shoving it all in one post not even in the right order! Oh well, just be happy I am posting. My parents took Aidan and Avree out for ice cream after their soccer games while I could get ready for my work Halloween Carnival and when they brought them to me she was missing a tooth. She said she was eating her ice cream cone and it just popped out (so much better then the torture Preston says he went through) After that Aidan decided he was done eating because he was scared his teeth were going to fall out too!
Preston had a Baseball Tournament on Halloween this year so he just decided to be a baseball player for Halloween. They got their butts kicked this trny so I am happy he got tons of candy to keep his mind off of it. He didn't want to go trick or treating this year (he is kinda wimpy and gets scared easy) but we talked him into it after all!
Here is Aidan shooting a web.... I was a mean mom this year and made the kids pick things out of the dress up box instead of buying costumes. Of course I feel bad and hit the after Halloween sales and think I made up for it.
Here is the Vampire Queen Bee... She just had to wear some vampire teeth with her costume but I have to say I think she looks so stinking adorable!
Prestons Birthday was at Sand Hollow this year! So nice to just sit back and let them play. I loved not having the stress of planning games and entertaining. Of course I told everyone that since we went to Disneyland right in the middle of Aidan and Prestons Birthdays that was going to be their party but when it gets closer you just want them to have fun so I caved and did partys.
Just a quick shot of Avree getting ready to play soccer. Her team name is the Soccer Bees.
Aidans first day of school. He could have gone to kindergarten this year and he was really ready but his birthday is the cut off so I decided to make him the oldest in the class instead of the youngest. So far so good he hasn't complained to much.

And here is Aidans birthday party that I wasn't going to have, we did a water gun party in the backyard it was tons of fun. Good thing the weather was still nice.

I know I still have tons of things to post.. So stay tuned!!!!