Friday, June 4, 2010

Midnight 5k

So this last weekend I ran and finished my first 5k. Yep that is 3.2 miles, not a big deal for some but for me it was like running a marathon. It was so much fun except the part when I felt like I was dying because I am sooooo out of shape.

This is a group of friends from work, we all decided to stick together and just have fun, well........
This is how it ended up, everyone ditched me.. haha! I must have been to slow for them. Poor Tami stayed with me, I think she felt guilty leaving me since she was the last one (sucka!!!) The wind was blowing so hard right in our faces.
I didn't die, and I didn't finish last. Of course it doesnt look like anyone is behind me in this pic but there really was I promise. This run is so fun they give you tons of glow stuff, most of mine fell off probably because of my speed. My time was 39.44, I was 75th out of 78 in my age group haha!!! Oh well next race is in Oct. and I can only get better RIGHT?!!!