Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We did it!!!

So since Monday Traci and I have been stalking Sione and Filipe from the Biggest Loser, they are teaching a boot camp at the rec center. We have had such big plans to take their picture but everytime we saw them we got nervous. The first day we were sitting on the couch and they came out and sat on the couch right next to us, Traci tried to make small talk but it didn't lead to anything. We went home and tried to get ourselves ready for day two, again we just watched thru the glass and giggled. We did talk to Sione's wife she was super sweet and was very friendly. OK OK we only had one day left, today we talked to each other and decided even if it was a pic of their back we were going to do it. We watched thru the glass and this guy came out and Traci asked him if he was liking the camp, he talked to us for awhile and gave us the strength to just do it. WHY WERE WE SUCH WIMPS!!!??? So their boot camp was over and we were staring again thru the glass when our new friend waved us in, we stood in line and did it we got our pictures taken. They were so nice and you can tell they just love people, it turned out that our new friend was a relative and he was the one sponsoring their whole tour. Anyways I still feel a little giddy I love these guys.