Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its great to be "8"

Preston took karate over the summer so he wanted to have his birthday there, it was great all I had to do was show up, they did all the games, pizza, gift bags and he even got to cut the cake with a samarai sword.

So what happens when you when you turn 8...... you have a great party then it baptism time. Preston was so excited to be baptized. We loved having all of our family here with us.

I am so proud of Preston for making the choice to be baptized, after he was baptized Ryan said they were in the dressing room and Preston said "Dad, I do feel cleaner, and wet" not sure if he meant that in a spiritual way or the I just took a bath way.

After the baptism we went to our chapel and had a buffet of ice cream. Who wouldn't want ice cream for dinner. We got to have a lot of friends and family join us so it was a perfect day.

Preston is a great kid, he is kind and considerate. He is always wanting to make his friends and family happy. He is a great big brother, Avree and Aidan both look up to him and love to copy everything he does. I am so blessed to be his mom and I love watching him grow each and every day.