Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Graduates......

I cant believe the end of school is already here. I am really excited to have them home for the summer but also a little sad to know that they are growing up. This year I have been helping teach preschool which I am ready for a break from that. I had some great kids and I am excited to see them grow... Aidan was one of my students, he is so smart and was a super student, he is for sure ready for Kindergarten but with his birthday being Sept 1st I decided to wait another year. So this graduation was I guess just a test run for him until next year but he did a great job. He chose to sing "If all of the Raindrops" he knew all of the words and did great!!

Here is Aidan with his teacher Mrs Clark... She is a great teacher she has taught all of my kids. I have been really excited to help her this year.

Then Avree Graduated from Kindergarten..... I am so ready for all the half days and no school for Kindergarten but I am sad to see her leave all day for 1st grade. She is a great student she got 3 awards for attendance and citizenship.

Avree loves school she is a great reader and has already picked out her books for summer. She has tons of friends and loves each of them. She is very kind and I never have to worry about her in class.Avree loved her teacher, Preston had her when he was in Kindergarten and I was so excited that Avree got her too! I was hoping that Aidan would get her but she is moving to 2nd grade so I guess we will have to wait and hope they get a chance to be in her class later...

I didn't get any last day of school pics of Preston he is much to busy to be getting his picture taken. I can't believe he will be in 3rd grade, he is growing so fast. He is going to be on a tournament team for baseball this summer so I am sure that will keep us busy.