Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the SHIH TZU???

This last week we were asked to dog sit. Of course we would do it, Preston has been begging for a dog forever and whenever the pet store has the dogs out front we have to see tears. This was the perfect way to let him have a dog for awhile then give him back.

They dropped him off Wed morning, and of course he was a little nervous so he went outside and decided to roll in his poop, ok Walter was still here so he cleaned him off and left, he wanted out again so we let him out and he rolled in his poop again.. SERIOUSLY!!! We sprayed him off and got smarter and had Preston go clean the poop up (hes the one who wanted the dog, he gets to clean up after him) After awhile Preston says "this is harder then I thought" DING DING DING my plan worked!! The day went on and everyone was a little over excited so it was hard to keep them calm. Wiley is house trained and sleeps in his kennel (or Kernal says Avree) so that was a great bonus until he decided to wake up at the crack of dawn and guess who had to get up with him? But how could you be mad at the face?

Ok the rest of the week was great, he slept in, he never barked, he was the perfect little dog. We actually started to really like, the only thing is.... he eats his poop!! Gross I know I got online thinking there had to be something wrong with this dog and found out that is what tons of shih tzus do.. I guess that is how they got their name hehehe!! Anyways it was hard to let the dog give kisses.

The kids absolutely loved playing with Wiley, they would take him out and run with him forever I think we wore him out pretty good, he would even go climb in the kennel by himself and go to sleep.
Wiley is gone now, it was kinda sad to see him go, I like dogs but I dont know if I am a dog owner kind of person, I had a dog all growing up and when he died it was the saddest day ever.. So for now we are dogsitters not dog owners, but we will miss you, and your little poop eating kisses!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a Soccer Life!!!

Preston played in a competitive soccer team this year. I loved watching him! He really has a love for sports no matter what it is and he gives his all at whatever he is playing.
They didn't win any games this season but you would of never known.. They worked so hard and had so much fun together. It was a great team! Cant wait until the spring.. GO DOMINATORS!

Aidan played soccer to this year and totally kicked butt! Ryan told him he would give all the kids $1.00 per goal and I think Aidan made almost $30.00 haha! I think Ryan wont make that deal next year..
Of course the greatest thing about playing soccer is getting the trophy!
Aidan had a great team and all the kids did so good and I loved that Aidan made some new friends. GO STRIKERS!!
Soccer really isn't Avrees gift but she wanted to play so we signed her up and she had a great time!! She improved tons from 2 years ago when she chased her shadow around the center circle laughing with her tongue hanging out.. I love how she wants to play everything her brothers do.
Her team was so fun, her coach gave them a big party at the park and gave them all little gifts! The Soccer Bees were awesome!!
It was hard this year having 3 kids playing soccer, some were at the same time at different fields, some took up the whole day and some were back to back, but I wouldn't give any of it up to watch them play and love it. I am sure it will get better as they get older after they find the things they love right now we are still in experiment mode trying everything out!!

We have all done this RIGHT??

Ok so I know I am the meanest mom ever but it was too funny to not take a picture of. I went to check on Avree when I got home from work and this is what I found!! Poor girl has had a stuffy nose forever HAHA! She is so going to hate me someday but for now it is soooo worth it!!