Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day....

Our poor little tree.... everything is in storage and it started to get to close to christmas and I was to lazy to go dig out decorations so we went and bought some ribbon and some balls and called it good. I had to hurry and get a picture of the tree and presents before the kids attacked..
It was so fun to watch the kids open their presents, I am mean and actually make them take turns so we can see what each other got before it gets tossed to the side.

Aidan and Avree got a ds this year and they haven't put them down since. It is actually quiet when they are all into their games.
Preston got a paintball gun and couldn't wait to go out and shoot it. We were dog sitting again and somehow the dog ended up with green dots on him...
and of course the Snuggies.. haha! I don't know why but these things are so funny!
They even came with matching socks........
After opening up everything and cleaning up the trash we got a nice visit from Ryans parents so they could see what the kids got and we could give them their presents. Then off to my parents house for Christmas #2. The kids were spoiled like usual.

I absolutely love Christmas!

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