Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are the Champions!!!!!

Last night was the championship game for Prestons little league and WE WON!!!! It was a great game. Final score 14-11. All season I was a good parent not concerned about winning or losing just wanted everyone to have fun. All of a sudden the tournament started and I became "one of those parents" I was so nervous, I had a stomach ache and couldn't eat. I was yelling at everyone to get the ball, or quit playing in the dirt, pay attention.. WOW!!! I am happy the season is over. I don't think I am going to be a very good sports mom. But we did win and we get to attend the closing ceremony on Friday. I am so proud of our team and we had a great coach. Cant wait until next year!! GO RED SOX!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School is almost out.. part of me is actually excited to have them out but the rest of me thinks what the heck am I going to do with them all summer. I have signed them up for almost everything I could find that will keep them busy and playing. You know it is almost over when all they do at school is play and have fun, of course it all ended up being on the same day. First Preston had his field trip at the Washington Community Center, they got to swim and eat lunch there, Avree even got to join in. Aidan had school so he had to miss out. They had so much fun.

Then Avree had her preschool field trip at the Fire Station, Aidan got to join in on this one. The Fireman let them all try on the uniform and spray the fire hose. After it was done he sprayed the hose and let the kids run in it for a while. This is truly the best preschool ever, she does so much for the kids and isn't to bad on price either.

Then Preston had his first peewee baseball game and Avree had dance. Last year they played ball at the park in the grass and this year they actually use the ball diamonds. He has been in Little League but since it got over we decided to just let him keep going and play peewee.

Then right after our peewee game and dance we headed to the last game of the season for Little League. Preston had such a good time playing on this team. He had a great coach and lots of friends on the team. This league plays with machine pitch so it took a couple games to get used to it but he does a great job now. It is kinda sad to see it over. Now on to summer camps, swim lessons, and whatever else comes our way, hopefully a vacation can get squeezed in there.

And of course, Yummy Snowcones to top off the night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I had such a great Mothers Day this year. On Saturday we got to go over to Ryan's grandmas house for lunch with his mom and some aunts and cousins, it was really fun with lots of yummy food. That night we went to a Blitz game with Kami and Brent it was tons of fun, even though they lost and they got in about 7 fights, they have won every game until Ryan decided to cheer for them, he is uninvited to future sporting events unless he cheers for the other team. But it was great company with lots of laughs.
Sunday I got to sleep in and got breakfast in bed, the kids made me some really cute cards. Preston's card says that I am the "best mom he could ever get right now" ha ha!! maybe he is just putting up with me for right now until his next mom comes along.

Aidan made me the cutest little cookie bouquet at preschool, he was so proud of it, he told me which cookies I could eat and then he ate the rest. I would much rather have cookies then real flowers.

I also got a new camera the kind with all the attachments and such I am so excited to start to try and take some good pictures.
I am so blessed to be the mom of my 3 kids, they always know how to put a smile on my face.